With UZIN PE 650, UZIN NC 150 and UZIN reinforcement fibres.

With substrates in need of renovation, such as old wooden substrates, the question always arises as to how an even and flat surface can be produced. UZIN has developed the cement based, very fast drying 1-component and flexible trowel-applied primer UZIN PE 650. The advantage of the hydraulically setting dispersion primer UZIN PE 650 lies in its water-binding powder. After mixing with water it provides good fi lling and ensures an exceptional bond between the substrate and the subsequent levelling compound. UZIN PE 650 also stands out by its speed, excellent flexibility and the possibility to adjust the consistency if required.

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Processing film: Fast and reliable renovation of wooden substrates.

Image gallery: Fast and reliable renovation of wooden substrates.

Not only does UZIN PE 650 provide safe and reliable filling and
priming for substrates with many joints but it is also very fast drying
and flexible.

Valentin Zeiler
UZIN application technology

UZIN NC 150 Cementitious levelling compound

Self smoothing compound for textile and resilient floor coverings as well as multi-ply wood flooring for thicknesses from 0 to 10 mm

  • good flow characteristics
  • great surface finish
  • easy to grind
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UZIN PE 650 1-Component Flex Trowel-Applied Primer

Cement based dispersion primer and filler

  • fills, seals and smoothes in one application
  • sets hydraulically
  • application thickness up to 4 mm
  • flexible when set
  • up to 25% more coverage compared to UZIN PE 630
  • roller and trowel application

UZIN Reinforcement Fibre Glass Fibres

Alkali resistant glass fibres to increase the structural strength of self levelling compounds

  • easy to admix
  • for interior use

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

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