We are pleased to introduce the extended Generation S! We have extended our original levelling compounds, UZIN NC 170 LevelStar NEU and UZIN NC 112 Turbo, with further, completely revised gypsum-based products. With UZIN NC 110 NEW, UZIN NC 115 NEW and UZIN NC 118 NEW we can now offer you a complete and modern range of levelling compunds for both cement and gypsum.

As all innovative products of the Generations S, our three new gypsum-based levelling compounds are characterised by their optimised setting properties and improved drying reaction. The refined composition makes them  faster, stronger and even more reliable than the original levelling compounds in this area.




Reliable drying even in unfavourable climatic conditions, due to high water retention in comparison to conventional levelling compounds.   


Strong surface strength and high strength development because of the high-quality raw materials.   


Ready to accept fl oor coverings after 6 hours because of an innovative, reactive binding agent and new additive.

UZIN NC 170 LevelStar NEW  

For even more safer drying.

The introduction of the premium levelling compound UZIN NC 170 LevelStar in 2009 has set a standard that has been unparalleled so far. But we always look at ways to continually improve our products. Thanks to the new, reactive binding agent and innovative additive, a larger proportion of the mixing water is bound within the levelling compound. As a result less water evaporates and the levelling compound dries quicker.   

UZIN NC 170 LevelStar NEW is ready accept most floor coverings after just six hours when applied at 5 mm. Therefore setting a new benchmark for standard drying levelling compounds. The new “Super Fast Technology” from UZIN also improves the drying performance even in poor climate conditions.

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UZIN NC 110 NEW (available from 02.2018)

The classic product for unstable substrates

UZIN NC 110 NEW is a very smooth self-levelling calcium sulphate compound with high-performance plasticiser technology for filling, smoothing, levelling and lining substrates for the subsequent installation of all kinds of floor coverings. UZIN NC 110 NEW is almost tension-free and is therefore particularly suitable for unstable old and mixed substrates in the field of renovation work. The levelling compound makes it possible to install all kinds of floor coverings securely thanks to its increased strength class of C35-F7 according to EN 13813.

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UZIN NC 112 Turbo

The world’s fastest gypsum levelling compound

With UZIN NC 112 Turbo, UZIN introduces an absolute world novelty on the subject of readiness for covering of gypsum levelling compounds. The name of the program is Turbo: Thanks to the new, reactive bonding agent combination and innovative additives the portion of the mixing water bound by the levelling compound and which is not disseminated into the environment, such as room or substrate, could be increased.

The result: Less water needs to evaporate. UZIN NC 112 Turbo, with a drying time of only six hours at a thickness up to 5 mm, hereby sets a new standard for readiness for covering of gypsum levelling compounds. 24 hours are standard on the market. This has become possible through the new “Super Fast Technology” from UZIN. This innovative formula combines the advantages of gypsum-based products with those of cementitious levelling compounds.

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The levelling compound for really difficult situations

UZIN NC 115 NEW is a newly developed self-levelling fibre-reinforced gypsum levelling compound. With the fibre-reinforcement, the compound has a high internal strength. The levelled layer therefore demonstrates a better load distribution. This enables construction on resilient substrates, for example, chipboard, for the subsequent installation of floor coverings of all types.

The readiness for covering the levelling compound has also been shortened to around 20 hours here. Good spreading properties, very good absorbency, the uniform and homogeneous look of the surface and the smoothness of the surface offer the craftsman the best basis for subsequent installation of the floor covering and working on wooden floors. The levelling compound also has the increased strength class of C35-F7 according to EN 13813.

UZIN NC 118 NEW (available from 02.2018)

High-performance repair levelling compound

This year's new product launch also has a highlight in store in terms of performance: UZIN NC 118 NEW is a stable, fine and very fast-drying gypsum screed for any thickness layer range. The product demonstrates very quick setting properties. The drying time is comparable with a stable cement-based levelling compound. Therefore, further priming, levelling or glueing work can even be carried out after around an hour. Filling and finishing down to a "feather-edge" is also possible with UZIN NC 118 NEW. Modelling work is also improved, it is "less sticky" when applying and is much easier to mix.


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