Product overview

Products perfectly tailored for installing screed, floor coverings, and wood flooring

Product overview

Products perfectly tailored for installing screed, floor coverings, and wood flooring

System solutions for bonding and adhering floors

Whether you’re adhering floor coverings, installing wood flooring, or processing and preparing substrates – UZIN will pave the way to success. We don’t rely on individual products; instead, we offer tailored system solutions that meet the requirements of any application.

UZIN NC 182Low-Slump, Cementitious Repair Mortar

Moisture-resistant, low-slump and rapid repair mortar with reActivate effect for any range of thickness. …

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Manufacture and construct screeds and substrates that are ready for covering. Rapid screen binding agents and mortars, thin screeds, and screed additives for cementitious screeds.


Prepare, prime, reinforce, seal, and smooth screed substrates as best as possible for the substrate that is dry for covering.

Floor Covering Adhesives

Strong adhesives for all flexible floor coverings for carpet and needle felt, PVC sheets or tiles, vinyl luxury flooring, linoleum, and rubber.

switchTec® Adhesive Technology | Dry adhesive

Adhere clean and fast; remove later with no residue. Easily change the floor or install on existing floor coverings without dust.

Wood Flooring Adhesives

Adhesives for all common types of wood flooring. In the perfect system with levelling compound and installation underlays for impact sound absorption and stress-relief.


Basic cleaning, sealing, coating and maintenance cleaning for resilient floorings.

Supplements & Accessories

Manufacture rugged wear layers. Practical tools, helpful accessories, and sturdy work wear for processing UZIN products perfectly.

No unanswered questions with Renoplan

The UZIN Renoplan Systems are your companions for a perfect floor installation. Whether you need   information when you encounter problems during refurbishments or just want to learn more about current  trends or sustainability. The UZIN Renoplan Systems offer you expert knowledge and support for very specific situations. You will also get general tips and tricks alongside numerous pictures, videos and instructions. The   individual systems are perfectly matched from professional renovations to safe flooring installations.  

Find out about the latest RENOPLAN SYSTEMS and take advantage of the valuable tips. In the future, we will regularly introduce new systems for different requirements here.

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Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

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