Public building

Fast refurbishment in historically protected buildings

Refurbishment measures to stock often mean unexpected challenges for planners and workers. The substrate in the district court of Neu-Ulm was extremely uneven, and limited the load-bearing capacity and structure height. As a solution for a fast, easy floor construction, a novel system of coordinated installation materials from UZIN was used, which allowed the uneven areas to be smoothed out with no transitions, by up to 300 mm.

Fast replacement of floor covering at Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited castles and palaces in Euro-pe. Every year around 1.4 million people visit the fairytale castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria in Schwangau in the Allgäu region. The summer se-ason often sees more than 6,000 visitors crowding through the rooms every day. That means the floor covering on the walkways has to with-stand a lot of use. The substrate and the adhesive also have to handle extreme loads. The local building authority (the Staatliches Bauamt Kempten) wanted a quick, safe and clean solution for the current renova-tion of the worn floor coverings in corridors and on walkways. After ex-tensive consultation, the decision was made to install flooring with Uzin Sigan 1 dry adhesive on foil backing – on stress-relief matting and stain-less steel sheets. This solution provides optimum protection for the his-toric stone floor and, if necessary, the new coverings can be removed without leaving any residue.

Floor installation in new Synagogue in Ulm

An impressive symbol of German-Jewish history now stands in the middle of the city after construction of the new synagogue in Ulm. The modest yet highly expressive building was conceived by kister scheithauer gross architects and urban planners (ksg) from Cologne, and has already been in use for about six months by Ulm’s Jewish community.

Pathé Cinemas Amersfoort

Kreikamp Projectinrichting has set up various cinemas for Pathé cinemas, including the cinema at the new Eemplein construction project in Amersfoort: a beautiful cinema with 8 screens and a total of 1,700 seats.

Redesigning the Urgeschichtliches Museum Blaubeuren

It’s the oldest representational depiction of humanity - the 40,000-year-old “Venus vom Hohle Fels”. Together with other works of art and musical instruments from the Upper Palaeolithic era, it found a home near its site of discovery on the southern edge of the Swabian Jura, at the Urgeschichtliches Museum Blaubeuren (urmu). The 580-year-old hospital building has now been redesigned to show off these spectacular, one-of-a-kind testaments to culture. Art from the Ice Age is presented in ten divided, themed rooms, each individually designed as different worlds of colour and space. Walls and floors are coordinated with the installation, and are part of the exhibition concept.

Tapestry in Amsterdam

On 22 September this year the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam will reopen with a festive ceremony. This will complete the first part of the historic building's renovation, and the new building will also be completed.

Temporary floors in the museum

With his artwork “The Wasteland,” Spanish artist Juan Muñoz created an inlaid piece for the floor, variations of which have been displayed in many large museums around in the world since 1987. The resilient floor tiles for the Museum of Art Lucerne were specially flown in from Madrid, temporarily installed, and then returned intact for their next use after the exhibition was over.

The Queen Elizabeth Hall in Antwerp

2800 square metres of solid wood flooring installed in a world-class concert hall using Pallmann technology. The Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp reopened its doors this autumn after a full restoration. The curved wooden panels that line the interior walls give the hall some of the best acoustics of any concert hall in the world.

The Royal Northern College of Music

UZIN systems were used to install the new floors at The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester, as part of a £7.1m redevelopment to support higher student numbers and provide professional learning.

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