How can joints and cracks in the substrate be repaired? WITH UZIN RR 203 AND UZIN NC 182.

Cracks and artificial joints must be closed prior to the installation of the new floor covering. While artificial joints have been deliberately made in the surface, cracks represent damages which may have different causes. In order to avoid the joints and cracks showing through the floor, they mustbe closed. Combining UZIN NC 182 rapid repair and UZIN RR 203 crack bridge is a proven system and suitable for repairing both.


Processing film: Sealing joints and cracks in flooring.

Image gallery: Sealing joints and cracks in flooring.

Floors can be installed onto substrates which contain joints and cracks as long as the screed does not give way and the area is repaired with UZIN NC 182 and UZIN RR 203 crack bridge.

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UZIN Selection

UZIN NC 182 Low-slump cementitious repair mortar

Moisture-resistant, low-slump and rapid repair mortar with reActivate effect for any range of thickness

  • ready to accept floor coverings after 60 minutes*
  • re-stirrable, longer working time
  • resistant agains alkaline moisture
  • fine grain, no visible patching marks

UZIN RR 203 Crack Bridge

Fibreglass crack reinforcement fleece for repairing cracks, day joints and slight movement on different substrates

  • extremely high tensile strength
  • bridges and reinforces cracks, day joints and transitions
  • easy to apply
  • avoids the use of repair resins
  • very high strength

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