This is UZIN

UZIN, the market leader in installation systems for floors and wood flooring in Germany, is committed to providing flooring installers with the best support for their day-to-day business – and guiding them on the road to success. This is achieved by our close relationship with customers which we view as partners. With high-quality products and service as well as our passion for optimisation, further development and innovation.

"We assist our customers to help them be successful." – This is the motto that impels all UZIN staff to give their best for you. It is important at this that in addition to perfect products and product systems you will receive our support in your everyday work. Trust us as your committed partner in all aspects of flooring.We are proud to be able to accompany you on your road to success.


Progress based on new developments in society, science, or the industry. It is formed by innovative technologies, products, and processes. Consequently, our competence and innovative strength are crucial deciding factors in our customers’ success, and our own.

Our claim is that we’re among the best in our respective fields of business. We tap into new market segments with new products, and ensure cost benefits and differential advantages for existing segments. Our competitive position is guided by our ideas, our expertise, and our dedication.

Innovative and developmental products always represent new challenges as a matter of principle. For this very reason, structured innovation management is a key factor of success. Our innovation management is based on systematic planning, execution, and supervision. To do this, ideas are fleshed out, evaluated on the strength of concrete specifications, and finally implemented.


“We never lose sight of our quality standards"

We want to offer our partners the best quality possible, not just in products but in service and consulting.


Quality of products

In 1994, the company was already the first in the industry to introduce an ISO-certified quality management system.

Before any UZIN product is launched for sale, the raw materials, intermediate products, and end products all undergo a thorough inspection. This way, we’re always keeping an eye on its usability and functionality.

When the product is on the market, quality assurance is far from over. Sales agents on site, field technicians, and in-house consultants are ready to inform us immediately about any action required for a product.

Service and consulting

Thanks to our infrastructure, we’re able to deliver orders in Germany within just 24 hours. We also place a high level of importance on regular trainings for our staff. Our standard is to advise the customer as best we can, because it’s important that our colleagues are always up to date as professionals.

I do my best to stir up your excitement during our seminars for our products.

Ulrich Weng
Head of UZIN application technology

UZIN and UZIN UTZ AG: A shared story

Just like it says in the name, the UZIN brand was the namesake of Uzin Utz SE. After the founding of Georg Utz GmbH & Co. KG in 1911, the UZIN brand was registered with a Munich patent office in 1948.

In 1997, the company transformed into the publicly owned Uzin Utz SE. Today, Uzin Utz SE unites five other flooring brands under its name, along with the UZIN brand.

In the early years, the company mainly produced detergents, shoe polishes and floor cleaners. After World War II, however, the company started working in a new sector: flooring adhesive. It was the beginning of a success story that continues to this day.

Innovation and tradition, quality and social equilibrium, growth and sustainability have been hallmarks of the company since 1911. These factors are at the heart of all the activities of Uzin Utz SE and will continue to determine the way the company thinks and operates in the future. Every company decision is therefore not only an economic issue, but also a question of how to act in a rational way towards the environment.

Uzin Utz SE fully intends to continue successfully developing the family business in the future. And the foundations for future development have already been laid. In 2011, the sons Philipp and Julian Utz became the fourth generation to join the company.

UZIN UTZ AG flooring expertise

Flooring technology in all facets - that’s what UZIN UTZ Group, a publicly owned family business, stands for. The development of a small regional adhesive manufacturer into a global leader in manufacturing system products for flooring technology is no small matter; the strong focus on the core competence of flooring is unique in the world.  

As a result of expansion and acquisitions, new brands and products, the company has evolved over the last several years to become a full-range supplier and system partner for flooring expertise. With brands such as UZIN, WOLFF, PALLMANN, Arturo and codex, we offer an  extensive range of products, systems and services, encompassing anything and everything to do with installation, renovation and maintenance of all types of floor coverings, wood flooring, ceramic tiles, and natural stone floors.  

For over 100 years now, UZIN UTZ Group has devoted itself to the task of providing professional support for installers in all areas of floor laying as a system partner for the trade sector, planners, architects, and builders.

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools