UZIN Primer Rollers

  • Suitable for the mentioned UZIN products
  • Strong construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Long life
  • Roller is longer durable by using the convenient WOLFF roller box (Article-No. 13814)


Main application area:

  • UZIN Nylon fibre roller for epoxy-resin, super-fast or dispersions primers, e.g. UZIN PE 460, UZIN PE 414 BiTurbo, UZIN PE 280, UZIN PE 360 PLUS  and UZIN PE 260
  • UZIN Foam roller for UZIN U 3000 Primer
  • UZIN microfibre-roller fpor e.g. UZIN SC 1800 Finish
  • UZIN Foam roller coarse for the contact adhesive UZIN WK 222
  • Roller handle made from metal with plastic handle to fit the above rollers
  • arturo Nylon-Roller Blue Striped for UZIN EP 20 and UZIN EP 21 sealants
  • arturo Adjustable Bracket made of metal with plastic handle, suitable for arturo Nylon-Roller Blue Striped 50 cm/14 mm


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