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For screeds | Levelling compounds

Surfaces | Tools and accessories

For screeds | Levelling compounds

For screeds | Levelling compounds

Sound bridges, complicated processing, dust-raising mixing, and unattractive surfaces are things of the past. With UZIN tools and accessories, screeds and levelling compounds can be incorporated easily and ergonomically. Even measuring the exact thickness of high layers is no longer a challenge with the right accessories.

For screeds | Levelling compounds

UZIN Flow Spread Disc Flow Spread Disc

Disc to determine the flow consistency of UZIN Levelling Compounds

  • quick definition of the flow consistency
  • complete set with instruction

UZIN Foam Expansion Strip Foam Expansion Strip

Self-adhesive PE foam expansion strip, 5 mm thick and 50 mm high

  • high adhesion
  • height 50 mm, thickness 5 mm

UZIN Foam Expansion Strip 8/100 Foam Expansion Strip

PE foam expansion strip with foil rag, 8 mm thick and 100 mm high

  • height 100 mm, thickness 8 mm
  • perfectly suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • easy to cut because of the tear-off perforation

UZIN Foam Expansion Strip B Foam Expansion Strip

Self-adhesive PE foam expansion strip with pedestal, 5 mm thick and 50 mm high

  • securely prevents acoustic bridges
  • perfect prior to installations with levelling compounds
  • high adhesion
  • height 50…

UZIN Levelpin Levelpin

Self-adhesive benchmark for levelling compounds

  • high adhesion
  • max. measuring height 100 mm, respectively 4"

UZIN Mixing Bucket NEW Mixing Bucket

Stable plastic bucket with grip plates for mixing of all UZIN powder products

  • stable construction
  • ideal for 25 kg powder products

UZIN Primer Rollers

  • Suitable for the mentioned UZIN products
  • Strong construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Long life
  • Roller is longer durable by using the convenient WOLFF roller box (Article-No. 13814)

UZIN Quartz Sand 2.5 Quartz Sand

Fire-dried quartz sand with a 1.0 - 2.5 mm grain size for aggregating levelling compounds

  • fills and adjusts consistency
  • reduces tensions

UZIN Reinforcement Fibre Glass Fibres

Alkali resistant glass fibres to increase the structural strength of self levelling compounds

  • easy to admix
  • for interior use

UZIN Reinforcement Webbing Reinforcement Web

Web for strengthening and load distribution on weak substrates when installing levelling compounds

  • load distributing layer

UZIN Ripper Ripper

Dust-reducing opening aid for levelling compounds

  • stable construction
  • for use in combination with the UZIN Mixing Bucket

UZIN Water Bucket NEW Water Bucket including Lid

Transparent, oval plastic bucket with imprinted litre scale to measure the correct water amount for UZIN powder products

  • stable construction
  • oval
  • transparent
  • imprinted litre scale
  • suppied lid

UZIN XS 3.2 Rough Special Filler

Fire-cured quartz mixture for creation of reaction resin screeds and mortars (0.1 - 3.2 mm grain size)

  • premixed

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