Bonding floor covering

Bonding PVC and rubber flooring

Bonding floor covering

Bonding PVC and rubber flooring

Bonding PVC and rubber flooring

Proper substrate preparation is important above all when installing resilient floor coverings. Rubber and PVC are especially popular floor coverings in areas with high hygiene requirements. UZIN offers different products for standard adhering of resilient floor coverings, for normal but also for heavy duty use and high requirements.

UZIN KE 14 Textile and PVC Adhesive

Dispersion-based adhesive for textile and PVC / CV floor coverings

  • odourless during and after application
  • versatile use
  • short waiting time

UZIN KE 22 Multifunctional Adhesive

Dispersion adhesive for many common resilient coverings, textile coverings and UZIN insulation/installation underlayment

  • short waiting time
  • perfect application properties
  • fast tack

UZIN KE 28 PVC Adhesive

Dispersion-based adhesive with high adhesion for PVC floor coverings

  • high initial tack
  • short waiting time
  • strong thread formation

UZIN KE 60 Dispersion adhesive for chlorine-free coverings

Dispersion adhesive for chlorine-free design coverings and chlorine-free coverings in sheets and tiles

  • easy to apply
  • short waiting and long working time
  • highest dimensional stability

UZIN KE 68 1-Component Hybrid Adhesive

1-component hybrid, heavy duty adhesive

  • ready to use
  • for installers with PUR or epoxy sensitization
  • for areas with high temperatures

UZIN KR 430 2-Component PUR Adhesive

Heavy duty polyurethane adhesive for resilient floor coverings

  • no shrinkage
  • flexible yet hard
  • high resistance to heat and cold

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Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

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